Our District Leaders



1962 - 1963 - Ewa Petrusewicz
01/1963 - 05/1969 - Barbara Poraj-Pstrokonska
05/1969 - 10/1970 - Alina Zbikowska
10/1970 - 1978 - Maria Wylot
1978 - 02/1984 - Danuta Andersz
02/1984 - 07/1986 - Zdzislawa Zukowska
07/1986 - 02/1991 - Wanda Petrusewicz
02/1991 - 2001 - Elzunia Tkaczyk
2001 - 09/2004 - Jagoda Kaczorowska
10/2004 - 2010 - Basia Domanska
2010 - 2014 - Wanda Petrusewicz-Allen
2014 - 2016 - Helenka Paluch-Machnik
2016 - Wanda Osmond


Sadly, Dhna Pstrokonska died in 1998, but all our other past District Leaders have served in other roles in the District, Country, or worldwide HQ.

History of our District,

"Hufiec Pomorze"

Written by Ewa Petrusewicz



The District “Pomorze” was formed on the 12th January 1963 and was made up of Troops which had, until this time, been a part of the male District “Szczecin”.  In the beginning the District was made up of Troops from Northwick Park, High Wycombe, Swindon, Dursley, Reading and Bristol, and a special Troop for Guides who were scattered across the South West who communicated through correspondence.  In addition to this, there was also a group of mixed cubs and brownies within the District in Bristol.  Not long after, a Troop was also formed in Trowbridge.  All together there were 80 guides and 23 cubs.


The first District Leader was Ewa Petrusewicz, who straight away went around visiting all of the troops.  The first District Bivouac was organised, and took place during the Easter Holidays of 1963 at the Polish Scout House in St Briavels.  In the summer of the same year, they had their first summer camp, also at St Briavels, in the area where there is now a car park.


From that time onwards, “Pomorze” has an annual summer camp.  This generally takes place in the grounds of the Polish Scout House but has also taken place in other areas, such as Oxfordshire, Somerset and Devon.  As well as annual summer camps, the District has from the start actively participated in country- and world-wide jamborees, eg at Monte Cassino in 1969, Belgium in 1982 and more recently on the 100th Anniversary of the Polish Scouting Association, in Zegrze, Poland.  There have also been summer camps abroad that the District organised individually in Switzerland (1967), Monte Cassino (1989) and Niepolomnice, Poland in 1991.


The District Standard funded by the Polish community in Bristol, was blessed in 1964 by Fr. Jozef Czerniecki who was the District Chaplain at the time.  From this time onwards, the Standard is present at every important guiding event we attend.


The District always remembered the children in Poland.  From November 1981 to June 1983 they sent 95 parcels containing clothes, stationery and sweets to hospitals and orphanages.  Through Medical Aid for Poland, the District sent 10 sacks of clothes for adults and children.  Lately, the District collected funds for a project translated as “The Farm of Life”, an organisation in Poland that cares for people with autism.


Every year in September we gather to celebrate our District, often with our fellow scouts in “Szczecin”.  In February we celebrate World Thinking Day.  In addition to this Bivouacs and Winter Bivouacs take place, sometimes as a District but sometimes individually as troops.


From 2004 our ranks have increased in number, thanks to the newly arrived children from Poland.  We have also seen an increase in Instructors eager to work with our youth.  They brought with them the fresh revival of the Polish language and new ideas.  Our young instructors have roots in the District as usually they started work within our ranks as young brownies.  During their studies when far from home they do not forget about us and take part in our organisations work whenever they can, especially during the summer camps.


In 2012 a new troop of cubs and brownies called “Zlote Jabluszka” (“Golden Apples”) was formed in Taunton.  We now have a troop in this town for the first time.  There are now brownies in Slough, Bristol and Taunton.


Our numbers are currently lower than they once were but our work is still carried out according to our old tried and tested methods and traditions.