Our Groups


Cubs group "Gnomes" (Bristol)
Cubs group "Golden Apples" (Taunton)
Cubs group "Hearts" (Slough)
Cubs group "Golden fish" (Plymouth)


The names of our troops are related to famous Poles or places in Pomorze.


Troop 30 "Jan Fałkowski" (Swindon)

Troop 31 "Emilia Plater" (High Wycombe)
Troop 33 "Westerplatte" (Slough)
Troop 35 "Alexander Pilsudski" (Bristol)

Troops and Groups

The eagle on our District badge is the symbol of the town of Szczecin in the Polish coastal region of Pomorze, which literally means 'on the sea'.


Our District song is Bałtyku Wód, which literally means 'the Waters of the Baltic Sea'.


During the course of the year our cubs/beavers and guides work towards badges and their next rank.


As part of our annual program our cubs/beavers and guides fully participate in the life of their local areas and parishes. For example, they run church coffee mornings to raise funds, take part in Stations of the Cross in Lent, guard the tomb of Jesus during the Easter tridium, and hold festivities including carol singing during the Christmas period.